First review for Two Stars

‘lol, I wonder how many people will be tempted to give this two stars after reading this short (for fun that is). Jacob’s done another great short story in this one. As an artist nothing stings more than someone hating something you spent months creating and years ‘getting to the point where you have skill’. […]

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Two Stars is available now!

I’ve just released Two Stars, a new short story in the Terror Unlimited series. This is a short story ideal for horror fans with Kindle Unlimited membership. It’s about a two star review for a young thrash metal band’s new record which starts a terrifying chain of events when a dedicated fan takes things a […]

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Well, after a badass Christmas break, I’m dying to get back to the sequel to The Lazarus Contagion. Happy New Year to you all and watch this space for samples and updates. Cheers!

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A new release from a friend of mine

Best-selling horror author Iain Rob Wright has just released a compilation of his terrifying A-Z of Horror series. This volume contains 13 stories A-M. I’m very, very proud and pleased to say that he offered me the chance to include one of my stories in the collection. The previously unreleased story, 1:15, is in there […]

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Harry Land Final Part

‘What the hell was that?’ Katie said. ‘See, we should never have come here,’ Ray said, turning and making for the end of the path. ‘Come on, this could be the coolest story since the original Harry Land story,’ Gerard grinned. ‘Or a gruesome footnote,’ Katie grinned. ‘Either way, it’ll be a rush.’ ‘What the […]

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