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New Flesh Harvest review

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‘When Osmo his wife Grace along with their son Graham and daughter Marie went looking for the missing family dog they had no idea the horrors that awaited them at the farm.Jacob Rayne delivers a chilling tale that will leave you terrified of barns for the rest of your life.This was a fantastic horror story with a supernatural creature that sets my heart to pounding just writing about it.Bravo Jacob Rayne!’


Great Flesh Harvest review

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‘This is the story of a creepy old barn. The barn has been the stuff of local folklore for a long time. Tales are told of something sinister in the barn, something that yearns for human flesh, and a spate of grisly murders would attest to that. The Momente family have had a call that their missing dog has been seen near the barn. Will they find their dog, and will they make it out alive or will they join the many before them…….?

This was a high octane, high energy gorefest. It was, quite simply, fab. I loved the idea, and the twist at the end sort of left the door open for more, or an expansion of this novella. The characters were solid, and although there were only a few of them, they carried the story well. The pace belted along, and I was swept up in the story until the end. I totally recommend this as a quick read, that packs a lot of punch!’

Cracking review for Sunshine

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‘Sunshine is so heinous that when I started it I had trouble sleeping. It taps right into your nightmare gene and can make you a tad paranoid. Humans have always had the potential to perpetrate appalling acts of violence and it’s this side of humanity most of us choose to ignore in order to make it through each day without having episodes of panic attacks.

This novel flings that door wide open, shunting the reader into the midst of a murderous rampage, shocking your soul into needing to hide from the carnage unfolding in 3D glory in the imagination. Every word is easily pictured, making this novel feel all to real. It’s brutal, disturbing, and horrific.

Rayne has a penchant for writing in your face abuse, sadism, and terror. The main characters are in fight or flight response mode, and you’re along for the ride, wearing their skin, enduring trauma, fear, and panic.

The story involves a holiday resort where the patrons and staff suddenly go berserk, hacking each other up, the violence described is enough to burst stress veins, it’s without reason and simply gratifying for the perpetrators. This is what makes this novel so alarming. A couple with marital issues are witnessing attacks, realizing they need to make a run for it or they’re next. They put themselves in huge danger to help a young boy, and luckily they have an ally along the way, but this read is so visceral it’s harrowing. The imagery is beyond sadistic, and it gives the reader a glimpse into a society that was once very much murderous and self serving. We think we’re so civilized but look at human history, at the hidden reports of torture for POW’s, and know the potential is ingrained in the human psyche.

The catalyst for this macabre behavior is a fantastic twist to the tale, it’s packed with action, it’s a non-stop adrenaline surge, and it’s abominable. The ending isn’t HEA, so be warned.’

Awesome review for Flesh Harvest

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I was well happy to find this review on Amazon this morning: ‘I started this novel in bed last night, and shouldn’t have begun reading it after 1 in the morning. I read all of it in two hours, my eyes riveted to the screen. Flesh Harvest is gruesome. It jumps right into a harrowing atmosphere and ups the pressure every 2 pages.

Osmo starts off as the meekest husband in history, only to end this novel as wise and the champion. Losing his family (and for all appearances his mind too) did wonders for his courage. Rayne doesn’t hold back on details, and it’s all a bit gut churning to read one grisly death after another, because nothing survives the ‘farm’.

The mood is thick with apprehension, everyone who goes to the farm ‘disappears’ from the quiet rural town. A new cop in town finally seeks Osmo’s help when his own family disappear. The descriptiveness of the writing communicates creepiness so well that your own tension builds, and this novel is enough to make you afraid of scarecrows and hobos. The ending is a bloody standoff, and the last scene will make you wonder about certain nocturnal creatures (who I’m rather fond of).

Then at the very end is the first chapter of Rayne’s novelette Sunshine. That was enough to keep me lying in bed wide awake, listening to every creak and groan, my minds eye still seeing an eyeball hanging from its socket, drying and stinging, hurting….

Rayne can craft a riveting and macabre scene with such alacrity that it plays out as if you’re watching a movie (these really would make great movies!) Well done Mr Rayne. I’ve already started reading Sunshine and commend you on a gritty and noir imagination which you communicate succinctly to your readers. Absolutely 5 stars.’ 🙂

Wistfulskimmies book reviews

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This is a great review site ran by a friend of mine, Kim Tomsett. A great place to go if you’re looking for horror recommendations as she knows her stuff! Here’s the link, check it out:

Reviews are starting to come in!

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First up was this review of Flesh Harvest: ‘Scary from the start, but couldn’t put it down! Overflowing with gore, but there’s some dry humour in there too! Definitely gonna read Jacob’s ‘Sunshine’ next.’
Then a nice review of Sunshine: ‘I read this in a day and a half, but I am just now getting to do some reviews today.
I would like to say that I did like Jacob’s story; there was a tightness and economy to the flow and the pacing was perfect. I am a fan of both apocalyptic horror and gore, so these two elements helped to endear me to the plot.
The story begins at a resort where a man and his wife are determined to iron out some marital indiscretions perpetrated by the husband; seems he was getting freaky with the secretary on the sly and got busted. That always happens!
Right away, the attack begins. Suddenly, the other vacationers have gone berserk, and the couple, along with another guy that they befriended during their stay, are fighting for their lives against a seemingly insurmountable onslaught of brutality. There is little time for character development, as these poor souls are constantly presented with new hoards of mindless killing machines to contend with, but Jacob does inject some humanity into the situation when opportunities present themselves. They also encounter a bevy of other “survivors” along the way, most of whom don’t stick around very long for varying reasons.
I was unfamiliar with some of the British terminology, which sort of hindered the flow for me a little, and I believe that this could have been edited down just a bit, as some of the fight scenes began to feel just a tad bit repetitive. I didn’t find many likeable characters, but for some reason, that actually seemed to work to the stories benefit for me.
Overall, I liked this novella for what it was. I think Jacob Rayne most certainly has talent and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.
If you are looking for a pleasant stroll in the sunshine, I recommend running for your life. If you are in the mood for a gore-fest … get cracking! This book is for you.’
Finally, this little beauty came in for Sunshine too: ‘This is the story of Paul and Janet. They are on holiday in the United States to try and patch up their marriage following Paul’s affair with his secretary. One day while sitting round the pool, some of the holiday makers turn into murderous psychopaths and go on a rampage attacking anyone and everyone in their path. What has caused this dramatic change and can Paul, and Janet make it out alive?

I enjoyed this, it was a nice easy read with a great flow to it. The tension was kept up throughout the length of the book, and culminated in the sudden and unexpected ending. The characters were solid and believable, and their fear was tangible. This was a great horror novella from a bright new talent on the horror scene.’
Awesome stuff!

New titles from Rayne of Terror

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Today marks the official release of my first two novellas, Sunshine and Flesh Harvest. Sunshine is a relentless horror story in which holiday-makers become violent psychopaths.
Flesh Harvest is an action-packed horror novella involving a number of grisly deaths in a sleepy town in the North East of England.
The links are below, check em out and let me know what you think 🙂
Sunshine UK:
Sunshine US:
Flesh Harvest UK:
Flesh Harvest US: