New Flesh Harvest review

‘When Osmo his wife Grace along with their son Graham and daughter Marie went looking for the missing family dog they had no idea the horrors that awaited them at the farm.Jacob Rayne delivers a chilling tale that will leave you terrified of barns for the rest of your life.This was a fantastic horror story […]

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Great Flesh Harvest review

‘This is the story of a creepy old barn. The barn has been the stuff of local folklore for a long time. Tales are told of something sinister in the barn, something that yearns for human flesh, and a spate of grisly murders would attest to that. The Momente family have had a call that […]

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Cracking review for Sunshine

‘Sunshine is so heinous that when I started it I had trouble sleeping. It taps right into your nightmare gene and can make you a tad paranoid. Humans have always had the potential to perpetrate appalling acts of violence and it’s this side of humanity most of us choose to ignore in order to make […]

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Reviews are starting to come in!

First up was this review of Flesh Harvest: ‘Scary from the start, but couldn’t put it down! Overflowing with gore, but there’s some dry humour in there too! Definitely gonna read Jacob’s ‘Sunshine’ next.’ Then a nice review of Sunshine: ‘I read this in a day and a half, but I am just now getting […]

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New titles from Rayne of Terror

Today marks the official release of my first two novellas, Sunshine and Flesh Harvest. Sunshine is a relentless horror story in which holiday-makers become violent psychopaths. Flesh Harvest is an action-packed horror novella involving a number of grisly deaths in a sleepy town in the North East of England. The links are below, check em […]

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