Becoming…, my first full length horror novel, is available now in e-book format. With jaw-dropping cover art by the super-talented Stephen Bryant of SRB Productions and the fact that it’s giving even seasoned horror reviewers nightmares, this is not one to miss!
Becoming High Resolution for Thumbnails
The link for the e-book versions are here. Paperback version is coming soon too.

Sweet screams!

2 thoughts on “Becoming…

  1. I am going to go update the post, to add Stephen Bryant’s name & give credit for the kick ass cover! – (Does he have a webpage I can link to?)
    Omg, Is that part of Luke’s face draped over the make-up mirror?! I can smile about it now, but I was practically in tears when I was reading it. (See! There’s SO MUCH I wanted to talk about – but I want everyone to go into it not knowing exactly what to expect. Maximize their fear…) 😉

    1. In tears? Wow, must have really drew in you in! I’m dying to talk aout it too so if there’s anything you want to talk about with it PM me. I tend to be on Facebook the most. Thanks again, Becki, I really appreciate the review!

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