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BECOMING… by Jacob Rayne

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Wow! The first review of Becoming… and it’s an absolute beauty!

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The Rayne of Terror continues!


I don’t say these words often – this book scared me.
Because of my work schedule, (and something else that’s a little embarrassing to admit), it took me two days to read this book.
The first night, I had nightmares.
The second night, my husband’s friend was in the Emergency Room – and husband didn’t come home. Every noise outside was a murdering psychopath with a butcher knife. If I had heard a maniacal laugh outside my door that night – I might have had a heart attack.
So, yeah… I had to stop reading.
I knew I wouldn’t survive the next day at work if I didn’t finish the story, so I woke up early and dove in before my eyes had even fully cleared.
When I finished, I immediately posted a 5 star rating on Amazon, then e-mailed Jacob to get a little…

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Becoming…, my first full length horror novel, is available now in e-book format. With jaw-dropping cover art by the super-talented Stephen Bryant of SRB Productions and the fact that it’s giving even seasoned horror reviewers nightmares, this is not one to miss!
Becoming High Resolution for Thumbnails
The link for the e-book versions are here. Paperback version is coming soon too.

Sweet screams!

Some exciting updates

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Perpetual Darkness is available now on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats.
This is a collection of the four horror novellas I currently have available (Sunshine, Flesh Harvest, Walk in the Park and Digital Children). The links are here:
E-book UK:

E-book US:

Paperback UK:

Paperback US:

All four of the stories are still available individually in e-book format.

I’ve been lucky enough to take part in my second interview on an awesome horror site. Check it out.