This is my new writing project, a dystopian horror web serial which updates every Tuesday.

Check it out here:  Too Many Humans



My latest project is Too Many Humans, a horror web serial.

If you like my books, then I am sure you will LOVE this!

Check out the official site for more information:

Current projects

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Hi, I’m aware it’s a very long time since I’ve been on here due to circumstances out of my control.

But I thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s going on at my end of things.

I am roughly halfway through my latest book, which is a slight departure from my usual style, but rest assured it is still full of scares and the buckets of gore you have come to expect from me. 🙂

I am also in the process of having audiobooks produced for Sunshine and Digital Children.

Digital Children is almost ready, I just need to check it for mistakes and approve the final version. I have to say, it is sounding excellent.

Sunshine has just recently been sent to the producer, so it will be a while before it’s available. It’s being performed by the same narrator as 1:15, so I am very excited to hear it.

I’ll keep you posted.




1:15 Audiobook now available

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I’m proud as punch to say that my first audiobook – the harrowing tale 1:15 – is now available.

Pick it up from the following links:




New interview

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Here is a brand new interview with your truly. Many thanks to Tee Geering for having me! 🙂

Cold-Blooded Kin

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Cold Blooded kin FINAL

My latest novel, Cold-Blooded Kin, is available now!

After the events of The Lazarus Contagion, Taunton, epicentre of the mutant outbreak, is a blood-soaked hell.

The rest of the world seems destined to follow unless Jim Duggan and a disparate group of survivors can track down a serum designed to kill the savage mutants.

But finding the serum means heading right into the heart of enemy territory.

Will humanity prevail or will they move ever closer to becoming a dying breed?

For readers of:

*Horror fiction
*Apocalyptic horror
*Mutant horror

Check it out at the following link:

A-Z of self-publishing

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Iain Rob Wright, a fellow horror author and friend of mine is running a course at the moment for self-publishing.

This guy really knows his shit, so if you want to know what works and doesn’t in terms of selling books then I would heartily recommend this course.

I have had a quick look at it and the information contained is very comprehensive.

Take a look here: self-publishing

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Cold Blooded kin FINAL.jpg

I’m over the moon to announce that pre-orders are now live for Cold-Blooded Kin, the sequel to The Lazarus Contagion.

Release date is set for 30th July.

This is the link if you fancy checking it out:



Third Strike

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A short story ideal for horror fans with Kindle Unlimited membership.

Thomas is flattered when the pretty new girl at work starts flirting with him, but things soon take an ominous turn when he rejects her advances…

Check it out here:

Third Strike

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Coming soon…