Two Stars is available now!


I’ve just released Two Stars, a new short story in the Terror Unlimited series.

This is a short story ideal for horror fans with Kindle Unlimited membership.

It’s about a two star review for a young thrash metal band’s new record which starts a terrifying chain of events when a dedicated fan takes things a little too far…

Here’s a teaser:

‘They all jumped, so rapt in conversation were they. None of them seemed to want to answer the door.

Eddie reluctantly did, the band’s leader even in small matters like this.

It was Wentworth, holding a cardboard box.

‘I just found this outside my office,’ he said.

‘What’s in it?’ Eddie said.

‘Fuck knows.’

‘Any of you dickheads expecting a package like?’ Travis said.

They all shook their heads.

A horrid sinking feeling in his stomach, Eddie carefully eyed the box. Opening it was suddenly the last thing he wanted to do.

But he didn’t need to, as his bandmates were already halfway through tearing it open.

Zeke was first to inspect its contents and he went pale, his mouth filling with vomit when he saw what was inside.


‘What is it?’ Travis said, shoving his pallid friend out of the way to get to the box. ‘Oh, gross, man,’ he said, retching himself.

Eddie got the feeling that he didn’t want to know what was inside, but he looked regardless…’


Want to know what’s in the box?


Follow this link to the Amazon page:



Thanks for reading


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