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First review for Two Stars

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

‘lol, I wonder how many people will be tempted to give this two stars after reading this short (for fun that is). Jacob’s done another great short story in this one. As an artist nothing stings more than someone hating something you spent months creating and years ‘getting to the point where you have skill’. A musician doesn’t learn to play the guitar and become Santano overnight, it takes years of dedicated practice to become the master of your craft (authors too), and then it takes months to create ‘the album’, which then takes months to pimp, market, turn into hardcopy, distribute etc. The premise of this tale centres around a metal band receiving a 2 star review from a reviewing magazine they NEEDED to give them a glowing review.

Social media is known to be the artists worst and best nightmare. Anyone successful knows about the crazy stalkers, people who’ll do anything to slate you – to those who’ll do anything to woo you. Social media is scary for the famous folks amongst us, and in Two Stars one such troll/fan finds a way to revenge the two star review, having an epiphany of their own to elevate the band to demigod status and the echoing passages in the Hall of Fame.

This is a super quick read, fast flowing and over before you know it. I read it one go, enjoyed it all, and found it held my interest all the way through. It really is a quickie (in true rock god style lol)

Five stars from me!’



I’ve just released Two Stars, a new short story in the Terror Unlimited series.

This is a short story ideal for horror fans with Kindle Unlimited membership.

It’s about a two star review for a young thrash metal band’s new record which starts a terrifying chain of events when a dedicated fan takes things a little too far…

Here’s a teaser:

‘They all jumped, so rapt in conversation were they. None of them seemed to want to answer the door.

Eddie reluctantly did, the band’s leader even in small matters like this.

It was Wentworth, holding a cardboard box.

‘I just found this outside my office,’ he said.

‘What’s in it?’ Eddie said.

‘Fuck knows.’

‘Any of you dickheads expecting a package like?’ Travis said.

They all shook their heads.

A horrid sinking feeling in his stomach, Eddie carefully eyed the box. Opening it was suddenly the last thing he wanted to do.

But he didn’t need to, as his bandmates were already halfway through tearing it open.

Zeke was first to inspect its contents and he went pale, his mouth filling with vomit when he saw what was inside.


‘What is it?’ Travis said, shoving his pallid friend out of the way to get to the box. ‘Oh, gross, man,’ he said, retching himself.

Eddie got the feeling that he didn’t want to know what was inside, but he looked regardless…’


Want to know what’s in the box?


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