Harry Land Final Part

‘What the hell was that?’ Katie said. ‘See, we should never have come here,’ Ray said, turning and making for the end of the path. ‘Come on, this could be the coolest story since the original Harry Land story,’ Gerard grinned. ‘Or a gruesome footnote,’ Katie grinned. ‘Either way, it’ll be a rush.’ ‘What the […]

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The Curse of Harry Land Part 4

Katie knocked on Ray’s door. He scarfed down the last of his spaghetti bolognese, smearing more of it down his double chin and leapt to his feet. He threw the Freddy Krueger mask he’d inherited from his older brother over his head and shouted, ‘Trick or treat.’ With that, he grabbed Katie in a headlock […]

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The Curse of Harry Land Part 3

Derek grinned as he stepped up to the porch of the Land house. ‘I showed that stupid fuck good,’ he grinned. The realisation of what he’d done never really registered. Dwight and Fiona had come with him, reluctantly at first, but soon the cash was flowing or the eggs were flying and everything was good […]

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The Curse of Harry Land Part 2

Reggie’s face lit up in a horrid scowl. Harry, still unable to free his hand, screamed as the flames bloomed around him, the heat already enough to sear the hairs on the back of his legs. ‘Mammy,’ he screeched, a cry as piteous as any that had ever been heard, and doubled his efforts to […]

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The Curse of Harry Land Part 1

It is with great pleasure I am sharing with you all the first part of a terrifying new Hallowe’en story. Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. Like pretty much all of my work, this is a horror story. There’s gore, swear words and scenes that may disturb. That being said, enjoy… ‘It’s Hallowe’en, […]

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The Lazarus Contagion

My second novel is a horror/technothriller mashup with boatloads of gore and scares. Here’s the blurb: ‘Nothing ever happens in Taunton. Until the gas-masked gunmen arrive and send Mark on a frantic flight from his once-quiet home town. Soon Taunton is at the heart of a horrific conspiracy that threatens to change the face of […]

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