BECOMING… by Jacob Rayne

Wow! The first review of Becoming… and it’s an absolute beauty!

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The Rayne of Terror continues!


I don’t say these words often – this book scared me.
Because of my work schedule, (and something else that’s a little embarrassing to admit), it took me two days to read this book.
The first night, I had nightmares.
The second night, my husband’s friend was in the Emergency Room – and husband didn’t come home. Every noise outside was a murdering psychopath with a butcher knife. If I had heard a maniacal laugh outside my door that night – I might have had a heart attack.
So, yeah… I had to stop reading.
I knew I wouldn’t survive the next day at work if I didn’t finish the story, so I woke up early and dove in before my eyes had even fully cleared.
When I finished, I immediately posted a 5 star rating on Amazon, then e-mailed Jacob to get a little…

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2 thoughts on “BECOMING… by Jacob Rayne

  1. I’m on LibraryThing, and they asked for a Haiku review.
    I thought you might get a chuckle out of this –

    Darkly disturbing.
    A psychotic clown butchers.
    Change, Luke. Grow. BECOME.

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