Free promo is going great!

This free promo is still going class. Some nice new reviews too:
‘A must read: A real page turner. Fast paced horror that doesn’t give you a chance to stop reading. Well done Jacob Rayne.’

‘The novella begins with Osmo and his family searching for their lost dog. The dog has been seen on the abandoned farm near the haunted barn. The family approaches the fancy spa on the property.

Osmo thinks the dog is doomed and they should leave the poor canine to his fate. His family disagrees.

Jacob Rayne’s novella Flesh Harvest, part of the Rayne of Terror series, packs a horrific punch for such a short work. The reader’s stomach clenches, eyes widen, and throat catches: “Don’t go in there!”‘


‘While I enjoyed the fast pace in this one, beginning right from the start, I found myself a little confused in a couple of spots. Some things just didn’t seem to come together quite as easily as I think it was supposed to. I still enjoyed the creepiness of the story, however, so if you want something quick and fun, I would still recommend this one. I’ll try more by Jacob.’


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