First reviews for Digital Children

‘Jacob Rayne has done it again!This chilling tale of digital children is absolutely terrifying.Josh and Marsha were eagerly looking forward to parenthood but the unexpected horror that awaits them is beyond your wildest imagination.Having read Jacobs two other books I had to snap this one up as soon as it became available.Being an avid reader I had several other books to read ahead of this one but as I opened this book for a quick glance of what was inside I couldn’t manage to put it down until it was finished.This was such a Brilliantly creepy story complete with a mad scientist who made me think of the tall man of phantasm fame.Jacob Rayne has a brilliant imagination for horror and I look forward to reading anything he comes up with next. Bravo Jacob! Well done!’
‘There are so many chilling possibilities in this fascinating story! Digital Children is a quick read, but well worth it. Horror and thriller fans will be sucked into an unimaginable world of nightmares. When mom and dad turn a blind eye to their little snowflake’s darker side, things really become bloody.
Rayne stays true to his writing style, bringing me exactly what I expect from him, with a few surprises. Oh yes. The world Rayne has created within this grisly story is genius. The concept presented in this eerie tale is beyond belief, wrought with twists and turns that took me on a wild, freaky ride.
If you’re looking for a fast-paced, new horror concept, you can stop looking. Yes, you should buy Digital Children. You should buy anything by Jacob Rayne. I know I do!’
Cheers, Lollie and Monique

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