Cracking review for Sunshine

‘Sunshine is so heinous that when I started it I had trouble sleeping. It taps right into your nightmare gene and can make you a tad paranoid. Humans have always had the potential to perpetrate appalling acts of violence and it’s this side of humanity most of us choose to ignore in order to make it through each day without having episodes of panic attacks.

This novel flings that door wide open, shunting the reader into the midst of a murderous rampage, shocking your soul into needing to hide from the carnage unfolding in 3D glory in the imagination. Every word is easily pictured, making this novel feel all to real. It’s brutal, disturbing, and horrific.

Rayne has a penchant for writing in your face abuse, sadism, and terror. The main characters are in fight or flight response mode, and you’re along for the ride, wearing their skin, enduring trauma, fear, and panic.

The story involves a holiday resort where the patrons and staff suddenly go berserk, hacking each other up, the violence described is enough to burst stress veins, it’s without reason and simply gratifying for the perpetrators. This is what makes this novel so alarming. A couple with marital issues are witnessing attacks, realizing they need to make a run for it or they’re next. They put themselves in huge danger to help a young boy, and luckily they have an ally along the way, but this read is so visceral it’s harrowing. The imagery is beyond sadistic, and it gives the reader a glimpse into a society that was once very much murderous and self serving. We think we’re so civilized but look at human history, at the hidden reports of torture for POW’s, and know the potential is ingrained in the human psyche.

The catalyst for this macabre behavior is a fantastic twist to the tale, it’s packed with action, it’s a non-stop adrenaline surge, and it’s abominable. The ending isn’t HEA, so be warned.’

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