A Feast of Flesh

Darren cursed, banged a hand on the control panel. His glasses were starting to steam up in his anger.

‘Do none of the lifts in this place work?’ he grunted, shattering the mirror behind him with a hard palm strike. ‘Fuck’s sake.’

Anger ebbed away instantly when the doors opened on the level marked SB.

‘Sub-basement,’ he muttered. ‘Just great.’

The air round here was rank. This must be where the bodies are kept, he thought.

Ordinarily he’d have expressed a macabre delight in being given access to something like this, but tonight he just wanted to return to his bed and play at sleeping.

A double door hanging off its hinges stood in front of him, again, what looked like blood or shit was smeared thickly across it.

It was his only option, so he was forced to go through it.

The room before him was as dark and silent as the grave, but his ears soon picked up faint noises in the distance, like those a decrepit boiler might make as it fought to heat its watery load.

Or something struggling to draw breath, his mind taunted.

The sensation of eyes crawling across his skin struck him with frightening intensity, strong enough to make him scratch the back of his neck.

Something moved in the darkness ahead of him.

‘Hello?’ he cried out, ashamed by how timid the echo of his voice sounded.

Shuffling sounds in the gloom made his skin crawl.

The light coming from the far end of the room was insufficient to reveal whatever shared the room with him, but he was sure he could see a prone form on a gurney with a blood-stained white sheet slung carelessly over it.

‘This is where they keep the bodies,’ he said aloud, suddenly more confident of his surroundings. There was nothing in here that could hurt him, just the dead and the cold secrets they kept.

‘How the fuck do I get out of here?’ he muttered.

Again something unseen shuffled.

He moved closer to the thing on the gurney and now he got closer he thought he saw it moving, thought he saw the blood-smeared sheet slowly rising and falling.

When he saw a tiny eye flicker open he cried out and ran, tripping over a loose piece of flooring and landing in a screaming heap on the floor…


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